Best for your health. Our basic motto.

Do business that contributes to people's health.
The words of the 19th president of Miyasaka Family was the trigger to start producing miso, when our business was limited to Sake back in the days. In Japan, miso has been passed down from ancient times and with its benefits scientifically proven, miso is now attracting the strongest attention among all the health foods in the world.
Pursuing taste and setting “health” as our motto, Shinsyu-ichi Miso is aiming to further broaden and deepen the understanding of miso in the world.

Our Company Portrait

Our history began in 1662, as a sake manufacturer of ‘Masumi’ in Suwa, Nagano, Japan. Applying our excellence of fermentation technology, we started our miso production in 1916 based on our founding spirit to contribute to human health.

We are a long-established company of 350 years, but our history has been a stream of innovation, starting with the development of vitamin-fortified miso, hygienically bagged miso, and promoting expansion by the creation of the“Miko-chan”brand character. We have also commercialized freeze-dried,
reduced-salt and salt-free miso, and was the first in the industry to establish a sales office in America.

On September 5, 2016, the company joined to be a part of Sapporo Holdings as a consolidated subsidiary for further growth and expansion. On July 1st, 2017, the company name and message was changed to "Shinsyu-ichi Miso Co., Ltd. " and "Delivering delicious delight and health to everyday life".

As Sapporo Group aims to achieve a company brand with shining individuality in the field of "Alcohol", "Food" and "Beverage", we will maximize and make the most of the synergy with Sapporo Group as one company responsibility of the "Food" category. We, "Shinsyu-ichi Miso", stand committed to delivering high-quality "delight and health" to the everyday life of our customers by expanding our business of miso, instant miso soup and freeze-dried products.

Founded as a sake brewery "Masumi" in Suwa, Nagano.
Establishment of Marutaka Factory in Suwa. Launch of miso production.
Establishment of Shinsyu-ichi Miso brand.
Great hit of vitamine-fortified miso. Production of first-ever bagged miso.
Introduction of character strategy. Birth of Miko-chan character.
First in industry to start selling freeze-dried products including miso.
First miso producer to branch out to America. Acceleration of overseas expansion.
First in industry to be accredited by FDA (Kofu Plant)
Joined Sapporo Group
Name change to Shinsyu-ichi Miso Co., Ltd.  

Our Overseas Business

Exporting miso products to more than over 50 countries, along with the trend of spreading healthy Japanese food.

Fitting perfectly into the growing trend of Japanese food, fermented soy bean paste, miso, has attracted attention for its highly nutritious and healthy ingredients.
Shinsyu-ichi miso is enjoyed in over 50 countries and its sales have been expanding by the year. America is our largest market followed by Asia, Oceania and Europe. In Asia, “Miko brand” shows astoundingly strong popularity. Along with Miyasaka Jozo USA Inc., there is an office in China, Miyasaka Trading Co., Ltd., in Qingdao, China.

We consider overseas business as the core of our company growth and we are more focused than ever to expand the delight, taste and health benefits of miso.

Our Products

Development based on our long established technology.
For the best satisfaction of diverse customers.

Instant (freeze dried) Miso Products

We manufacture instant miso soup of paste type and freeze dried type. The product containing the garnish of our patented FD Leeks and FD Chopped eggplants have high-reputation for its ease of usage and exceptional taste.

Miso Products

Starting with our longtime seller "Miko-chan miso", our health oriented miso products;
salt reduced miso, miso with lactic acid bacteria, no-food additive miso, have continuously gained great reputation.

Industry-Use Products

We have been successfully developing a wide range of products enjoyed and supported by the restaurant and food industry.

Corporate information

Trade name Shinsyu-ichi Miso Co., Ltd.
Head office Yebisu Garden Place, 4-20-1 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 150-0013
Tel +81 3 5795 1176
President Katsuya Komatsu
Founded 1662
Capital 72 million yen
Number of employee 252(December, 2022)

Our Head Office&4Distinguished Factories


Yebisu Garden Place, 4-20-1 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 150-0013

TEL. (+81)3-5795-1176

-Historical Manufacturing Site-

1-8-30 Takashima Suwa Nagano, Japan,

TEL. (+81)266-52-4080

-Central Manufacturing Site
(Miso and Processed Miso Items)-

170 Takamuro-cho Kofu Yamanashi, Japan,

TEL. (+81)55-241-8181

-Packaging Site-

2193-124 Yatsusawa Uenohara Yamanashi, Japan, 409-0133

TEL. (+81)554-30-2266

Overseas Office

web site here

21151 S.Western Ave.#246 Torrance, CA 90501,USA.

TEL (+1) 310-294-7026


Room 3304,East Hall,Block A,
TOP Yihe International,No.10 HongKong
Middle Road,Shinan District,Qingdao,

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